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Turquoise Tear Drop Pendant

Sorry, this magnificent pendant is no longer available.

A large domed "tear drop" shaped intensely "Blackbirds' Egg" Blue Arizona Turquoise from Arizona (!), that we have individually chosen to be hand set in a simple, plain Sterling Silver Pendant specifically made to house it.

We chose this blue Turquoise because of it's beautiful colour, scattered with tiny whitish flecks and veins, and a vertical web of light tan cloudy veins that run through it. (If these veins come up black on your screen, remember they aren't black, although they have some darker patches, mainly at junctions.)

This pendant, made for us in Indonesia, has a softly rounded bezel surrounded with a twisted wire edge, which gives it a "Navajo" feel. The plain convex, teardrop suspension ring measures about 5mm at its widest and will take a chain, choker or cord to fit.

Remember that Turquoise doesn't like chemicals and dirty washing water, or clean soapy water for that matter, as all of these can change the colour, so if you like it now, don't wear it showering etc.

An occasional careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the shine on the silver, when it needs it. 

Age: Contemporary

Size: H  67 mm x W  37 mm x D  11 mm

Weight: 31 grams