AUD $180.00

Dangling Triangular Silver Headpiece.

A  decorated  triangular silver "Chatelaine" with filgree units and protective "hand" dangles on "loop in loop" chains, worn originally pinned to the shoulder or headdress. It is related to the silver prayer box tradition that preceded the major religions and was absorbed by them as they took over, animist magical items were worn (something older, perhaps a respected memento, treasured, thought special or magic and carefully preserved to be worn close to the face. Whose orifices must be protected. Which is often sited as the reason for ear and nose rings, blocking these body entry points to Evil) later these "magic" tokens  replaced by sanctioned Koranic/Buddhist prayers and blessings. These were worn for protection against Evil and its misfortunes and have ultimately been replaced by boxes used in jewellery that don't open but look like Prayer Boxes and luckily, scare away Evil regardless. The Turkomen and Uzbeks still wear triangular embroidered "doga" talismans, we may still have one on this site.

 Suspended,  it hangs freely from an engraved hook,  and in this case is designed to be attached to the cape over the head (Uzbek "jelak" or "kaltacha") a headdress or possibly the womans'  shoulder. In another form they can  also be seen worn by successful Ladakhi Business women, with silver Buddhist "shunga" dangling from the side of their Turquoise and Coral encrusted "perak" headdresses.

Once again, this Triangle is wide spread possibly dating back to Matriarchal fertility symbols and the Mother Goddess. All round the main triangle small rings attach "loop in loop" chains with roughly cut out disk hands, (one of which is missing from the four on the smaller triangle but lost unnoticed in the crowd.) Also two engraved toiletry items are included, an ear pick and a finger nail cleaner, these tools giving the whole piece, hooked onto the clothes, the feel of a "chatelaine" 

Remember these "jingly" bits all add length, sound and even more protection from lurking Evil. (it's said that jingly bits worn on the ankle scare away snakes, which makes sense, we in Australia make a lot of noise in snaky areas to warn them we're coming.)

The genuine granulation decoration, hand applied in neat rows of small flat disks between borders of twisted wire filigree gives a stunning overall surface. I feel this piece is from Pakistan, but I've also seen them from as far away as Morocco. ( I'll have to drag out the reference books, yet again.)

In the centre of the main silver piece a round pale Turquoise dome with fine brown veining adds a nice focus of colour.

Above and below it are open filigree units with bells and a small turquoise coloured glass insert.

The silver has acquired a rich patina that indicates it age, and appears to have had a light polish bringing up its detail nicely,  when you need to repolish it next, do it gently with a dry silver polishing cloth.

The top engraved hook is meant to hook into fabric, but a silver smith could roll it into a loop to take a cord or chain if need be.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: H 256 mm x W 80 mm

Weight: 54 grams.