AUD $260.00

Indian, Dark Jade Pendant

This cloudy deep green Nephrite Jade pendant from India (or Pakistan) is set in a scallopped plain silver cap with a solid suspension ring.

The silver work is decades old, but I suspect the Jade is a lot older.

If you think of a cylinder with an oval cross section, you'll understand this stone. However one longside has been flattened and the exposed end cut with a curved profile. Perhaps you might think of a knife handle, not disimilar to the traditional cutlery set with ivory or bone handles, but in this case think Jade. 

So my suspicion is that this is a recycled old Jade knife handle (in a European/Raj style ?) made into a pendant, probably much later in Pakistan or even Afghanistan.

It could be a Jade burnisher used in painting or gilding miniatures, as the curved surfaces are beautifully smoothed.

It's a pretty hard stone and there is minimal damage, some minor old chips on the end (bottom when worn) and an inner crack behind these chips which isn't vulnerable unless exposed to extreme treatment.

The opening on the suspension ring is 4 mm, suited to a cord or chain, probably not a choker.

You can carefully polish the silver if you wish, with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but at present it has a restrained grey patina.

Age: 19th Century or earlier.

Size: L 62 mm x W 19 mm x D 11 mm.

Weight: 42 grams.