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Dark Tibetan Turquoise Ring

Sorry, this delicious ring is no longer available. However, TT109 which is almost identical may still be.

A very deep, richly toned, dark green Tibetan Turquoise, set in a stylish plain Sterling Silver Ring. The most accurate colour is shown in the first photo (with the dull green background and also the fancy one.) This really nice Turquoise with the full colour I usually associate with Ladakh or Tibet, was a lucky find and has been handset for us in Bali.

The broad (8 mm) round band will fit a finger sized about "V" ( U.S. 10.75)

Each stone is an individual, choose the one you love and if it gets onto your hand, you’ll be right. As fingers swell and shrink with the heat and weather conditions, these factors will decide which of your fingers is the correct one, at any given time. Then again if you love it and it doesn’t fit a skilled Silversmith can easily resize it for you.

If you are attracted to this particular stone then avoid greasy, dirty washing up water, hand creams, hot soapy water, gardening and chemical cleaners as all these can affect the colour of Turquoise, as it is slightly porous and a little soft. Treated badly it will soak up dirt or grease and if washed too much this colour that it has acquired will come out again, SO DON'T !

We may still have an almost identical ring to this, as the stones were originally sold to me as a pair, see TT109.(which is a fraction larger on the finger.)

Age: Contemporary.

Size: stone; L 36 mm x W 20 mm, to fit finger "V" ( U.S. 10.75)

Weight: 19 grams