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Tibetan (Ga'u) Prayer Box

Engraved and embossed ”repoussee” silver fronted, copper Tibetan Prayer Box (Ga’u), worn as a protective Religious amulet case, or portable shrine.
Often used to carry/enclose small statues, woodblock print/prayers or objects blessed by a Lama. Surrounding the central opening, are the Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols, the Conch, Parasol, Endless Knot, Lotus etc.
Sometimes worn on a leather strap, diagonally accross the chest for extra protective coverage.
The copper box has a sliding back and a lovely patina, two embossed handles on each side once allowed attachment of cord, or felt strap/bag. Two of these on the left side have received a knock, compressing them, one is now pressed against the box . This isn’t a problem aesthetically, but doesn’t allow suspension, as it would have been worn originally.
Genuinely old, unlike the very good copies now turning up.
The silver has acquired a lovely patina with darker oxidation in the carved recesses, the high points can be gently polished with a dry cloth to retain their contrast and bring out their detail, if you wish.
For display, you can hang it as an Ikon, wear it or just put it, as the flat bottom allows it to sit stably.

Age: 19th century.

Size: L 130 mm x W 101 mm x H 53 mm

Weight: 308 grams