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Dominican Amber Pendant

Sorry, this wonderful pendant is no longer available. (I knew it was special but that's only 3 hours onsite and it's gone!)

A rather special plain Sterling Silver pendant set with an organic, very slightly domed slice of milky yellow cloud floating on a clearer honey amber from the Dominican Republic. Sitting amongst all our Baltic Amber this one piece stands out in its organic simplicity.

This piece of natural amber sliced from a "nugget" and retains its crust or bark around its wavy edge. On really close inspection the grain of this crust is fascinating. In one spot the silver setting bridges smoothly over a gap in the naturalperimeter, not obvious, but if you look closely you'll see it in the upper right, but what can you expect with a "natural" untrimmed/unadulterated outline. A part of its naturally organic beauty.

Once again but if you look closely you'll notice a small chip or flake on the bottom tip, I only noticed it on the blown up photo, and had to specifically go and check it, so it's not all that obvious.

Dominican Amber is around 40, 000, 000 years old whilst Baltic Amber is "a little older" being from 40 - 60,000,000 years old.

The large silver bale (suspension ring) has an opening measuring 9 mm, which will easily take most chains, cords or chokers.

Remember all Ambers can scratch and at worst shatter, SO DON'T TREAT THEM BADLY !

Age: Circa 40 million years old, silver contemporary

Size: L 85 mm x W 27 mm

Weight: 20 grams