AUD $120.00

Dry Head Agate Ring


A modern plain Sterling Silver Ring handmade around an organically oval, gently domed Dry Head Agate, which reveals a warm Abstract painting of concentric squiggly bands in opaque warm grey, red and yellow oxides swirling in contours within a mushroomy, milk chocolate brown. Each one is different and we all see different "images" when we try to read it, the same as in good Abstract paintings (and ink blots!)

Dry Head Agate is found in limited supply, in Montana (named after the piles of buffalo skulls that had been driven by the Crow Indians, over the cliffs in which it is found. Ironically, the colours and patterns are very characteristic of our landscape when we fly over the "Red Centre" as we fly west out of Australia and probably why I was so drawn to them.) We've bought them cut and polished, choosing randomly shaped organic "cabachon" (domed) stones with the most interesting "paintings" then had them handset into Sterling Silver in Indonesia.

These were the best available and as such we may possibly never find ones as good as this again. (But, some Earrings may also be arriving soon.)

Being hand made from Sterling Silver, you can feel free to gently polish it with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, it will respond well.

And being an Agate it's harder than an opaque, milky stone (like a Jasper), but don't treat it as badly as you would a Diamond, for instance.

Age: Contemporary

Size: Stone, oval L 26 mm x W 17 mm, Finger size "P" (US 7.5)

Weight: 13 grams.