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Durer, Silver Elephant Brooch

Sorry, this brooch is no longer available.
This hand beaten, embossed and engraved silver Elephant Brooch, made in either Java or Bali, looks almost as if it was based on the Albrecht Durer print of a Rhinoceros.

I like the "naievete" of it, the trunk is so-o long.

Something romantic for the elephant or brooch collector or perhaps the Durer collector who has everything.

The silver has a mid grey patina in the grooves and details, whilst I've given the raised surfaces a light polish with a "Silver Polishing Cloth" just to bring up the contrast. An occasionable careful polish will only improve it as it matures.

On the back it has a simple pin and crook lock.

For the Elephant collector we also have the "Limpopo Paper Knife" just search, top right on this site.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 62 mm x H 40 mm

Weight: 9 grams.