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Ersari Turkoman, Medium Silver Beads

Sorry, these lovely old beads are no longer available. We may still have some individual beads though.

A long, very wearable collection of large, old silver Turkoman Beads.
Possibly all Ersari or Saryk, but there are at least 5 styles, which may represent different tribes, or at least different smiths/workshops.
Together there are 12 largish ovoid beads, of graduated sizes, from about 60 mm down to 30 mm long.
Some 3) have tubes extending the bead, the smaller ones are doubles ranging from 42 mm down to one pair which is 34 mm.
With one even larger central bauble, set with one each red and turquoise coloured glass (that’s two with the third missing.)
I have one customer convinced this bauble would actually be a child’s rattle (?)
The few I have seen are all pretty impressive and would be made for a specific function, so it is feasible.
This bauble alone is 48 mm long x 30 mm wide.
So including the bauble (1) tubed (3) singles (6) doubles (12) there are 22 beads in total, although in effect the doubles make it look more like 34 beads.
These have been worn a longtime, by different women, on many journeys, there’s considerable wear (check some end tubes for rubbing, wonderful pitting and a range of old dents.)
On many the wire filigree bands that disguise the middle join, have worn down, some almost rubbed away.
Some of the others also have wire squiggle, some equally worn and smoothed.

They are now exhibiting the age worn soft patina only naturally aged silver acquires.
Here’s everything we like about old Tribal silver, a gentle rub with a dry polishing cloth would remove any excess oxide, and bring up that sort after contrast between the dark dents and the light catching surfaces.
They have been quickly strung on a white cotton string, knotted at the back, long enough to go over the head.
You could carefully colour this with a waterproof felt pen, or simply re thread them on a thick silk/cotton cord, in the colour you desire.
When not wearing them, they’ll happily just hang on a wall, as a really simple decor piece.
Being plain silver, they’re neutral so they can be worn on any outfit, a simple, incredibly tasteful and impressive neck.
They’re hollow, so not as heavy as they look.
Or of course you can use them in your own design work, ones this size and age are not easy to come by.
In fact you’re very lucky I haven’t used them in my necklaces for the shop, (they looked too good all together), but being beads they can always be rethreaded.
Overall length of beads is 930 mm, there’s extra string for the back of the neck.

We may also still have cuffs, earrings and rings to complement these beads, search for Ersari.

Age: Early/Mid 20 th Century.

Size: L 93 cm

Weight: 219 grams