AUD $220.00

Ethiopian Cross Pendant

An old doublesided hand cut out “Maria Theresa Silver” Coptic Cross from Ethiopia.

Worn suspended from a cord, carried originally as a personal sign of devotion and protection.

The mm suspension hole would allow you to use either a cord or possibly chain to wear it as a stylish pendant.

Like the Ethiopian Earpicks we have, it has some of that distinctive sculptural quality that is often confused with Celtic Designs, those this piece is very plain.
(These Celtic references are more though to do with the techniques, used in their manufacture, although the interlacing strapwork is very similar, when used.)

This design was simply cut out of the otherwise plain surface, unadorned except for the circle at top and heavy biconal suspension ring. (This ring resmbles an Egyptian “ankh” and its Tuareg Cross descendabnts from the Western Sahara.)

Ironically this piece is quite old, however it is difficult to tell as we picked through those that were available, rejecting the ones that were too worn out (and therefore very obviously old!)
This piece was already considered “Antique” when collected in Ethiopia at the end of last century.

The alloy it’s made is upposed to be quite high in silver content being made from melted down Maria Theresa Thalers.
Although these Thalers became devalued as the Tribal market was flooded with British made copies in the early 20th century.
Eventually they were not trusted for their silver content which had been the standard since the 18th century.
Good old crosses (like these) and Maria Theresa Thalers (including copies which all bear the same 18th century dates) are now becoming hard to find and therefore quite costly, in Ethiopia today.

For other similar old pieces try EE105, EE106, and EE107 if they are still available.

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: H 46 mm x W 24 mm.

Weight: 9 grams.