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Ethiopian Ikon, Double Sided.

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A double sided wooden Coptic Christian Ikon, from Ethiopia.

Wood with overall carved external decoration, one door on each face opening to reveal two naieve painted images.
One recessed into the body and the other on the inside of the door itself.
Four in all, including The Crucifixion, Madonna and Child, St. George and Judas’s Kiss ?
Painted with muted earthy pigments, (ochres and clays, with black outlines,) it has a mellow relaxed feel.
The ground seems to have roughly ground red ochre grains texturing it.

The carving is wonderful, with different designs on each face, one a bold knot, the other is intricately incised and gouged, in fine detailed, quite complicated cross design.

The plain knob at the top, has a hole drilled through it for suspension.
But, it is pretty narrow, so you’ll be limited in your threading options.
So far I’ve only been able to get a fine tan, natural leather thong through it
(I’ll include one pre tied, in your purchase, use it if you want to.)

Could be hung for display or stood open for viewing in the round. Or just innocently laid closed on a coffee table, to surprize careful visitors.

The quality of the wood carving outshines the modest images, the exterior highly skilled, whilst the interior sacred images are more subdued, contrasting nicely.

This and the other Ikons were not very old, when bought in the 90’s in Ethiopia.
But back then, they were chosen for their quality, not there age.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

H 141 mm x W 86 mm (Closed.)
H 141 mm x W 153 mm (One door open.)
H 141 mm x W 224 mm (Both doors open.)

Weight: 109 grams.