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Ethiopian, Double sided Stone Ikon.

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A double sided Stone Coptic Christian Ikon, from Aksum in Ethiopia.

Stone with overall carved external decoration, two doors on each face opening to reveal a similarly naieve carved image behind each.
(One recessed into an arched niche in the body and the other on the inside of the door itself.)
Eight seperate images mostly of single figures, carved in outline almost like “intaglio” woodblocks.

It doesn’t have a hole to hang it and is probably too heavy, anyway.
But would best be displayed standing (in a safe place, as it would easily knock over) for viewing in the round.
Or just innocently laid closed on a coffee table, to surprise careful visitors

This and the other Ikons were not very old, when bought in the 90’s in Ethiopia.
But back then, they were chosen for their quality, not their age.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

H 162 mm x W 102 mm (Closed.)
H 162 mm x W 138 mm (One door open.)
H 162 mm x W 164 mm (Both doors open.)

Weight: 456 grams.