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Ethiopian, Earpick Pendant.

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A lost wax cast (cire perdue) white metal earpick from Ethiopia, with delicate design repeatedly chiselled and punched onto a plain surface.

Worn suspended from a cord, carried originally as a personal toilet aid for removing earwax.
Long before “cotton buds” there were these!
You’ll find many variations turning up in Nomadic and Tribal Jewellery.
Often coming in sets on a ring like keys and in India you’ll have the offer made to clean your ears
(sometimes accompanied by crumpled references written by tourists, with quotes like “unbelievable experience!”)
The 5 mm suspension hole would allow you to use either a cord or chain to wear it as a stylish pendant.
Like the Ethiopian Crosses we have, it has that distinctive sculptural quality, that in this case resembles the Tuareg Crosses from the Western Sahara, there being some very obvious similarities.

It’s not terribly old, but was second hand when collected in Ethiopia at the end of last century. The alloy it’s made of is pretty hard and shows less wear than softer silver would.

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Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 86 mm x W 24 mm.

Weight: 12 grams.