AUD $1,300.00

Ethiopian Ikon, Large Multi Image.


A very large rectangular, carved wooden Coptic Christian Ikon, from Ethiopia.

The dark stained wood is rather plain with borders of strapwork forming a large cross, which divides the four doors, each with another border and a carved cross.
Inside each door are two brightly painted Ikons, one on the body, the other on the door itself.

So closed, it’s dark carved wood on the outside opening to an illuminated world of glorious colour.

These colour combinations are quite brilliant, including lilacs, limes, yellows and corals. Each is applied in a couple of shades diluted with white, to produce highlights.

There are 8 seperate, painted naratives including a Nativity scene, the Magi, Saints and Angels, a Demon and other scenes are represented.

The effect is joyous in its naivete.

Whilst this Ikon is not very old, (no more than 20 years) it makes up for its youth with its exuberance and quality.
The hinges are the traditional dark brown cotton (?) simply tied, they may either be replacement or original, as they aren’t very worn.

Quite stunning as a decor piece designed to be hung on a wall, or stood on a big plate stand.
It could be caried in procession, or worn (but perhaps just a little impracticle, apart from spilt alcohol/liquids affecting the paint.)

A special feature that is not immediately appreciated, is the fact that it is double sided, the reverse having a carved St. George on a horse, defending a maiden up a tree from a submissive looking Dragon.

Age: Late 20th Century.

H 499 mm X W 346 mm (Closed.)
H 499 mm x W 428 mm (One door open.)
H 499 mm X W 500 mm (Both doors open.)

Weight: 1500 grams.(that’s 1.5 kilos!)