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Ethiopian, Long False Prayer Box.

Old, darkly patinated silver rectangular “False Prayer Box”, worn as an Amulet, imitating the original purpose, but sealed and no longer unable to contain a “prayer” or sacred item.
These “False Prayer Boxes” often used as units in larger necklaces, serve the same function as the original Prayerboxes, as Evil doesn’t hang around to check if it’s real or not.

The dark, dull patinated silver is decorated with applied diamonds which have rosettes of raised stamped “false” granules and both stamped and filigree borders.

Across the bottom 10 broad rings suspend 14 bells on 10 “S” hooks, (some bells may be missing, as some hooks have 2, others only 1, but 2 on every hook would be very cluttered, hindering their jingling.)
Accross the top 10 matching broad rings (3 mm minimum, but wider accross) would accomodate a chain or cord, but not a rigid choker.

It has a lovely dark pewtery colour, with old polished highlights, which have in turn darkened, but still keep their shine.

Probably, though, you could give it a careful polish with a dry cloth, or silver polishing cloth.

Found in Ethiopia, but most probably made in Yemen or Oman.

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: W 118 mm x H 55 mm

Weigh: 62 grams