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Ethiopian, Silver "Ear" Ring.

This ornate silver rosette ring almost didn't make it on the site as it is difficult to fit at the best of times, really it needs to be tried on, let alone over the net.

Then I opened "World of Earrings" (in lieu of "....of Rings") and there on page 57, it was listed as a pair of "Ethiopian Earrings" (!)

A quick check and yes, it is a single earring which has had its aperture soldered closed at some time. (see right side of last image.)

The wire binding on the back and the assymetry of the binding of the shanks was a give away, although it took the book to confirm it.

Theirs had small red coral beads threaded through the gaps in the circumference, between the rings.

The aperture is oddly shaped, a truncated circle, with the top third cut off. (See last image.) So if you have a plump, soft feminine finger with a knuckle about size "Q" (US 8) you should fit through the gap and gently fill the top corners.

Of course whether it was made in Ethiopia or traded to there is another story, we found this one in Pakistan. (For a similar scenario see the Pashtun Pendant, PP004.)

Age: Mid 20th century.

Size Finger "Q" (US 8) diameter accross face 25 mm.

Weight: 18 grams