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Ethiopian Wedding Ring

Sorry, this ring is no longer available. We may however still have a very similar one.

A very worn, well smoothed, thick round white metal alloy "Wedding Ring" from Ethiopia, decorated with chunky incisions carving boldly into the ring. (Note, some of this decoration has worn away ... all of course adding character to the piece...)

I believe these rings are actually worn on a cord around the neck, and think it would make a wonderfully organic "modern industrial" pendant worn in our context.
The metal is "Tribal/Coin Silver" and fairly high in silver content, between 70-90% and probably will never need polishing if its present patina is any indication. Although any excess oxide should rub off with a dry cloth. Or, if you want it really shiny use a Silver Polishing Cloth, this will bring up the raised details in contrast to the darker recesses.

We were able to get three of these, each different, and what remains of its original deeply incised form gives each a unique choose carefully.

I suspect from the variations exhibited here that these rings like the Ethiopian Crosses are made in styles specific to a particular city.


Age: Early/Mid 20th Century

Size: Diam 28 mm x Depth 8 mm (Hole approx 13 mm but not a circle.)

Weight: 36 grams