AUD $78.00

Faceted Aquamarine Pendant


A slightly cloudy "unique" faceted, gently domed Aquamarine (it's organically "not square" with its surface covered in many squarish facets) The colour of a "Crystomint Lifesaver" it was set securely but lightly by hand in Sterling Silver for us in Indonesia. 

The stone has some clouding and some translucence with "a moment of magic" when the light forms prisms deep within the stone, not all the time and not easy to photograph.

Most people just love the colour of this precious stone, but the crystal flashes are an added bonus for the viewer.

The silver bezel (pendant) is very narrow when seen surrounding the stone from the front, whereas from the side it stands 5 mm high.

The 7 mm bale (suspension ring) is made with two convex loops and will easily take a cord, choker or chain.

Age: Contemporary

Size: H 36 mm x W 22 mm.

Weight: 9 grams