AUD $240.00

Flores, Gilt Silver Earrings


 A pair of "lightly gilt" silver flat teardrop earrings (ili bholo) from Flores In Eastern Indonesia. Worn by the Nage women of Central Flores for ceremonies, they have a central reinforcing ridge and an outer "fringe" made of small coiled filigree "double S's" and dots. You can find very similar examples of these on page  209 "The Jewellery of South East Asia" (Anne Richter)

The two opposing hooks that enter the lobe from both sides should be approached with care as their age precludes alteration or careless fiddling. I think these two pairs (see also FE100) are preferably for the collector, and I might add that I hunted for two weeks to find these pairs, I've quite regretted not getting a pair I saw on my last trip.

An alternative would be for me to add a modern, very simple gilt silver ear wire, it would be a richer gold and would turn the earring so that it no longer hangs like a hoop. It would hang face on to its beast advantage and would have some movement as well.

Or I could do it with a silver earwire, let me know.

This would allow wear whilst keeping the "collector's piece" in tact, which sounds ideal to me.

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT POLISHING THEM ! You'll not only remove the gilt but probably end up ripping off the fringe.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: H 65 mm x W 28 mm

Weight: 13 grams