AUD $60.00

Gold Plated Sterling "Lily" Earrings.


These are the easiest earring gift! 

A slim dangling flower with refined clear lines and a hint of flair at the base.

They are appealing to Art Nouveau "Romantics", to George Jensen "Modernists" and to the Contemporary youngster who doesn't know either of those categories. Covering such a broad range of tastes, they are what I call a "broad spectrum" present, very generous in their wide appeal.

And therefore very easy to give confidently, with a wide safety margin.

They are available in many different coloured stones, this pair feature a slim gold plated, inverted sterling silver Arum Lily with a simple spherical black onyx centre.

Being a neutral black they are one of the most versatile choices and you can wear them with everything.

Continuing their simplicity they have a very clean, simple gold plated sterling silver ear wire.

For appearances these are gold, as they are coated in durable 22 ct. gold but the bottomline for allergies is, they are Sterling Silver (so for the vast majority of wearers these are non- allergic, that's all those who can wear earrings that aren't gold.)

Some people worry this gold will wear off, don't worry it won't, unless you treat them really badly.

Oh, and they are locally made.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 43 mm x W 7 mm.