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Imitation Islamic Glass Bead.

 Sorry, this wicked bead is no longer available. However we may still have a quite similar one onsite.

 A matte, opaque, yellow glass imitation of a Roman or Islamic Period Biconal Glass Bead (that's basically 100 AD to  700 AD and  700 AD to 1500 AD)  Whilst very hot this bead has had coloured glass trails and slices of "millefiori" canes added, including even slices of "face" canes, all fused into the yellowbase. (When the bead was finished these additions had merged into the surface and become one with it.)

I say it's an "imitation", as this large bead is covered in desirable features, just what the collector would hope for, but possibly too many all on one piece for comfort.

I daresay these "rare gems" are lurking out there in the Middle East, somewhere, waiting for that enthusiatic or exhausted Collector or Tourist to find them. And in that environment and in hushed tones, they might just be available to purchase (possess) for a large price.

However, as we were able to buy a couple of quite similar ones, in good condition, which I think always gives the game away, we're selling these as "imitations"  But they're not cheap "run of the mill" pieces, they're relatively rare and priced accordingly. (If they were real they would deserve to be much more expensive.)

They are not very different to those that I call "artistic challenges", copies currently being made in Java. (Enthusiatically seeing what they can achieve as a challenge, copying old beads they find in large glossy Bead Books !) See also  JB100  if it's still available.

But these are different and may have been made in Pakistan, as that's where we found them,  who knows what's happening in Syria even, or there's interesting too that they've made the bead grimy and have worked in darker inclusions to give it more age. (look closely at the hole, where the fine dark lines resemble marbling.)

I know they''ll appeal to some of you Collectors for their curiosity value alone. If you're into Venetian "millefiori" Trade beads then this will make an interesting addition.

Or they are pretty impressive if you want to just wear one.

And who knows it may actually be old........

Age: Mid 20th Century, possbly earlier.

Size: L 92 mm x W 26 mm, hole 3 mm.

Weight: 77 grams