AUD $78.00

Indian, Lambada Silver Tassel.

This silver "tassel" or bell with dangles, is usually seen worn protruding from under the odhni (headcovering) near the face or temples of Lambada (Gypsy) tribal women in India.

Usually, too, they're worn in pairs, with one on either side of the face, however on sorting our pairs I found that we actually have a choice of singles.

This piece, like  the others we have, has a worn, smooth mild brassy/pewter patina, which indicates some brass in the silver.

So it's lower quality Tribal Coin Silver, about 70% Silver. It would though, respond well to careful polishing with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

Originally it would have hung from a twisted cloth cord at the temple, this has been cut off, though traces remain. The silver socket measures 7 mm accross, if you clear out the fabric you'll probably find a  5 mm hole for you to thread through. Or, you could sew through it, to attach it to your bag or belly dancing outfit.

Of the 10 dangles 2 are missing with just the joining rings remaining.

However there are more than enough hollow "pomegranate" bells remaining.

Most of these have tiny dents and marks, which help to define their age and character.

Shaken it has a fairly light tinkly, jingle.

We may have two other similar tassells IT103 and IT104.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 69  mm x W  34 mm.

Weight:  47 grams.