AUD $360.00

Indian, Antique Brass Hookah Base.

A solid, engraved old brass “hookah” base from 19th Century India.
It’s meant to be the water holding base, fitted with the easily damaged or mislaid hose, mouth piece and fire tray.

Set on a round base with four low legs, to sit on a tray or table, it’s comfortable in the hand but a litle heavy to hold for extended periods.
The darkly patinated brass is engraved and tinned in some places, although much has worn off with time.
Horizontal bands of engraving circle the bowl and “quatre foils” surround the base.

This wasn’t a cheap item but imitated the much dearer silver inlaid “bidri” ones that the very rich and noble might use.
The deep patina has taken a long time to build up, I wouldn’t dream of polishing it, as I would only be removing its age.

Made to last, it’s in good condition except the old wear to the tinned surfaces, without which it wouldn’t be old.

Age: 19th/Early 20th Century.

Size: H 117 mm x Diameter 133 mm.

Weight: 980 grams