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Indian, Beaded "Idani" Cushion

This circular beaded "idani" cushion from Rajasthan, India is handmade to support and hold a water pot carried on a woman's head.Once again a chance for self expression is exhibited in the design of the beadwork, all handsewn using a mesh of tiny opaque and translucent seed beads.

Decorated with a simple "zig zagging" green vine with stylized red, yellow and blue flowers in a white background, with an interesting red/white/blue border. I particularly like the "abrash" colour variation in the red flowers, where it appears she ran out of opaque red and continued in translucent.

The stretched, gathered and tucked lining is a recycled deep red and cerise synthetic "floral" pattern.

The pots they carry, both clay and metal, have a convex base which sits comfortably nestled into the "idani" ring, and in sand during filling.

And in the arid deserts of Rajasthan it can be a daily chore and very long walk  to get water.

The Thar Desert being also known as "The Desert of Death" it's pretty barren with dusty soil, thorn bushes and the occasional arthritic tree, gnarled knuckles reaching up, trimmed of all small branches taken as foddder and fuel. (I rather like "The Dessert of Death" (sic))

Colour and pattern are greatly appreciated and worn both as jewellery and clothing.

Being handmade, genuinely Tribal and well used it is in surprisingly goo condition with only very minor wear, just a couple of small loose threads it seems.

I've included this "idani" in textiles as the beadwork is threaded and created with a needle.

You may find other "idanis" and beadwork including tassels on this website, if you go to Textiles and have a scroll.

These are just another use of decorative beading for the Bead Collector to appreciate, enjoy !


Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Diameter  125 mm x 132 mm, it's a bit oval.

Weight: 144 grams.