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Indian, Bird Betel Cutter.

A cast iron betel cutter from India or Pakistan.
For chopping “areca nut” to be mixed with lime and spices, wrapped in a “betel leaf” and chewed for its addictive narcotic effects.
Of lightly oxidized iron, long beaked bird’s head pivoting on the joining rivet, that serves as an eye.
The iron has a dark patina paler where the most wear or handling rubbed it.
It’s in good condition, considering its age, except on one side the beak is damaged, now resembling a “hornbill” as the upper end is missing.
It passes unnoticed, until you blow up photos during editing, so it’s not terribly damaged.
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Age: 19th/Early 20th Century.

Size: L 142 mm x W 65 nn (closed) 145 mm (open)

Weight: 141 grams.