AUD $70.00

Indian, Brass Sari Stamp.

Here’s a simple working tool for applying repeated fine designs of glue to a silk sari.The brass cap is filled with a glue called "roghan" which is mixed with either gold or silver dust.

Then when the handle is inserted and the stamp pressed down onto the sari it exudes the design onto the fabric. (in effect creating a repeat of the fine gold/silver details cut into the brass.)

The cylindrical brass cap has a finely pierced “snowflake” design in the end to release the glue onto the sari.

Found in Pakistan but old enough to precede Independence and Seperation in 1947 so I’m calling them Indian.

We had these put aside for ages as we weren’t sure what they were, too small to print fabric not right for a seal.
Then I found them illustrated and described in a Library book, on returning it, sadly, it disappeared without trace.

So I can’t give an accurate name for this obscure tool, the quest continues.

Both the wooden handle and the brass cap (especially) have acquired a deep patina of age, I hope you don’t decide to polish them as it would only remove the age from the brass.

The creative Artist or Craftsman will easily think laterally to find a use for these intriquing tools.

There are also other Sari Stamps listed in Textiles. Or just search for "sari stamp" on this site.

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: H 129 mm x W 20 mm

Weight: 41 grams.