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Indian, Bronze Cricket Box.

An extraordinary, old lost wax cast “cire perdue” bronze Cricket Box Pendant from India, possibly Orissa.
Constructed as a cage made from many rolled wax wires in an organic swollen mango form, with a hinged lid decorated topped with a stylized bird handle, probably a Peacock.
There are two hinges, one on either side, the first is only a hinge but the other can be locked with either a cord or a chain for security and suspension. Once suspended it is locked.

Apart from its “mango-ish” form the structure is diagonally ribbed with bands of perforations and a row of primitive “sharks fin” knobs.
Apart from holding a chirping cricket, the alternative is to hold a perfumed cloth or scented flowers.
These would emit a fragrance throught the perforations. It would be uncomfortable held in the hand or tucked into clothing, as the knobs are almost defensive.

The bronze has a very dark, almost grimy patina. You can buff it a little with a dry cloth but don’t do much as you actually could remove some of it’s age and value.

I know it’s Indian but other than that I’m not sure. But its similarities to pieces we’ve had from Bastar in Orissa lead me generally towards that designation.

Age: 19th or Early 20th Century.

Size: H 142 mm x W 70 mm.

Weight: 143 grams.