AUD $160.00

Indian, Carved Jade Panel

This convex carved "celadon" Jade panel, is almost oval with gently pointed ends. Cut and engraved into the surface are a series of interlocking circles and ovals, rather resembling a flower. Each of the nine circles are scooped out leaving a smooth concave dish, one circle has then had an attempt made to drill through it, unsuccessfully.

The surface is polished contrasting well with the incised design, which contains some residual grime, which emphasizes the pattern.

Apart from the attempted drilling, which is old, there is no damage or sign of repairs, there are however faults or fractures visible in the stone, fine cracks that haven't broken through completely.

I think it is Indian or Persian, but can't be sure, it may even be Moghul, but that's for you to decide.

Having said that, I'm not sure of its original use either, other than it was made to fit onto a curved surface, although the edges are rounded and finished. The back is matte and unpolished.

Age: 19th Century

Size: L 63 mm x W 49 mm x D 2 mm

Weight: 23 grams