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Indian Woven Silver Wrist

Sorry, this wonderful bracelet is no longer available.

 A substantial Indian silver bracelet, "vauk" made of silver wire woven into thick basketlike mesh. This woven wire is slightly springy allowing some adjustment, not a lot, for getting the wrist through the hole. About an extra centimetre is added to the circumference when opened.

Then when on it can be closed and locked with a sliding double pin. Closed the internal diameter is 64 mm, with the pin released the flexible band opens out to about 71mm x 64 mm allowing easier access over the wrist.

The front is embossed with a large engraved, scallopped silver flower with a sharp raised central point (this looking rather like a lemon juicer and offering some defence to the wearer, if needed.)

We haven't polished the silver other than a slight rub with a dry cloth to remove any dust or loose oxide,so that you can assess it's age by it's patina.

You can give it a gentle polish with a Silver Polishing Cloth to bring the highlights up to your desired degree of shine.


There is an example of this bracelet on Page 189 of World of Bracelets,

"... Mahratta and Gujarati of the Raval Community adorn themselves with the braided vauk decorated with a large flower..."

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: Diam 87 mm (closed) x H 70 mm (including pin, closed) W 55 mm (woven band)

Weight: 218 grams