AUD $230.00

Indian, Marbled Glass Bangle.

An old layered glass bangle fom India, with an outer layer of opaque red, blue and white glass marbling.

This was laid in veneers onto a translucent amber glass base  (recycled beer bottles ?) then whilst still hot the colours were trailed then  cut and wrapped to form a bangle.

There is a long tradition of "lac" bangle manufacture in India and fine glass ones are common, but these two (we have a pair, see GB101) are the only ones I've seen of this kind.

These remind me of the Venetian Chevron Beads, Bargello Embroidery and also Florentine and Turkish paper Marbling.This is laid onto a translucent amber glass base then whilst still hot has been cut and wrapped to form a bangle.

This bangle has a tiny gap where the two ends meet. And there is a sharp edge to the gap which probably precludes wear. 

You could wear it assuming it fits ( internal diameter is  mm) but it is fairly heavy.

It is in a fine condition and seems to have some age, but I have nothing to compare it with so I'm only guessing, .

We found them in Pakistan late last century, therefore I'm assuming they maybe old enough to be considered Indian, either way.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: Diameter 90 mm x  W 22 mm.

Weight: 99 grams.