AUD $130.00

Indian, Old Brass Bangle.

An old Tribal Brass Bangle, that we found in India in the early 1990’s, possibly originally from Orissa. (As we were also getting Tribal brass statues from Bastar, in Orissa, at the time.)

A very primitve Tribal piece with a pattern of serpentine rows finely chiselled grooves, that almost intersect, seperating then almost intersecting again. (Rather like oscillating radio waves, reflected, perhaps.)
Which you can see very closely in these images, actually took 3 strokes, hitting the chisel to achieve each groove.
These might have been done with a multi edged chisel, like a comb, to save time.
I don’t know what the white residue in these grooves is, it’s certainly not Brasso!

Over a long period, it has aquired a shiny warm patina and it would be a shame to polish it, as you would only be stripping it of its age.

A very sturdy item there is no possibility of bending or adjusting it, it’s over the hand or nothing.
The internal measurements are L 72 mm x W 68 mm)

That’s if you were going to wear it, but we see it as much more of a collectable.
(There’s a point where very old jewellery should just be preserved rather than wantonly “used up”.)

We have a very similar but heavier piece. (See BB110.)

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: Length 89 mm x W  83 mm x  16 mm thick

Weight:  193 grams.