AUD $130.00

Indian, Old Brass Bangle.

An old Tribal Brass Bangle, that we found in India in the early 1990’s, possibly originally from Orissa. As we were also getting Tribal brass statues from Bastar, in Orissa, at the time.

A very primitve Tribal piece with a pattern of parallel, finely chiselled grooves like “tyre tracks” and parrallel grooves. (of course these may even be “tiger claws” ?)
It appears to have been rolled and beaten from one hot bar of brass, forming an incomplete circle with a tiny gap.
There is also a very old fracture that may even have happened during it’s manufacture,

Over a long period, it has aquired a shiny warm deep mahogany red patina, in places it appears more brassy , possibly the older deep red patina has been removed in places revealing the brass beneath and this is now fading back.  This deep red patina is indicative of considerable age and it would be a shame to polish it, as you would only be stripping it of its age.

A very sturdy item there is no possibility of bending or adjusting it, it’s over the hand or nothing.

That’s if you were going to wear it, but we see it as much more of a collectable.
(There’s a point where very old jewellery should just be preserved rather than wantonly “used up”.)

Age: 19th/Early 20th Century.

Size: Diameter 76 mm x 78mm x W 10 mm (interior diameter approximately 67 mm)

Weight: 98 grams.