AUD $98.00

Indian, Oval Silver Anklet.

An unusual, but very clever Silver anklet from India, or maybe Pakistan, as it was bought there.

We have a pair of this design, but are selling them seperately, as two might be too many for you.
(See also IA102, if it is still available. For other variations, see below.)

Made of a band of silver embossed with flowers and scrolls, all gently raised above the darker background.
(an occasional gentle polish with a dry polishing cloth will bring out these details nicely.)

A raised nipple with two bells hanging from it, graces the heel.

Slid onto the foot it sits comfortably beneath the ankle following the line where a school shoe would curve around the foot.

To achieve this turn it sideways, longways and insert the flat foot and toes into it, gradually turning it as you approach the heel.
So that it now runs parallel with the foot and heel, gently dropping into place and settling there.
Get a shoe that fits and roughly check the measurements of the opening.

This one measures L 132 including bells x W 57 mm.
(although sold singly, each pair is a slightly different size so it will help you to decide which fits you best, the decoration is secondary to fit.)

The metal has a smooth mellowness, slightly worn but in good condition.

(See also IA100, IA101, IA102 and IA104, IA105 and IA106, if they are still available. For similar but different designs and sizes.)

It’s wonderful on, with a slight rattly jingle for emphasis, but not as noisy as a loose jiggly anklet with lots of bells.

By the way the background is a nineteenth century “gouache” shawl design from Paisley in Scotland, once again you can recognize the cross referencing and copying that went on.
The similarities to the shawls of Paris and Kashmir, and the Russian Cottons exported to the Central Asian peoples are obvious.

Age: Mid 20 th Century.

Size: L 168 mm including bells x W 64 mm.

Weight: 57 grams.