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Indian, Rabari Bridegroom's Bag.

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A heavily embroidered, double sided Rabari Bridegroom’s Wedding Bag “pothu” from Kutch in Gujurat, in Indias’ Western deserts.
A narrow neck widens towards the base where the corners flare out, this helps restrict its contents.
In this case they are said to be “areca nuts” (the sliced nuts eaten with Betel Leaf as a stimulant and usually refered to as “betel nut”) which the groom distributes to his guests during the wedding celebrations.

Very similar in shape to the Salt (for the animals) and Tobacco pouches carried by Rabari and other nomadic men.

Masses of_"shisha"_ mirrors in a variety of shapes ranged in rows defining borders and circles (some are missing and a few are cracked, some even have tiny bubbles.)

Around three sides are a row of felted pom poms (or tasells except they are felted most sewn on using an old white button.
Some of these buttons are missing or weren’t used in the first place.
One rogue tassel is hanging from within the field, perhaps there once were more.

In lovely condition even considering the missing mirrors that are unavoidably lost over time.
The green dye around the opening has run into the turmeric coloured cotton ground.

Collected in Gujurat, in beautiful Bhuj, before the 2001 earthquake destroyed so much of the region.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 300 mm x W 240 mm.

Weight: 58 grams.