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Indian, Rabari Tribal Bag

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A double sided, embroidered and mirrored storage “kothelo” from Gujurat, in Western India. A flat pillow-case like bag, for storing a nomads’ personal possessions. Either Rajput or Rabari, from Kutch or Saurashtra, Gujurat.
Made from a patchwork of hand spun undyed cotton clothes, embroidered with various coloured cottons and bubbly hand made “shisha” mirrors. A characteristic striped fabric has been appliqued on both sides of the bottom of the bag, as shown on page 110 of “The Shining Cloth” Victoria Rivers, T&H. (where she describes it as “Rajput.”)
Embroidered originally as one piece, including the join, then folded in half to make the bag, some of the mirrors are caught, right on the fold, in use though they would be bulked out more.
The bubbly faults in these mirrors are an added bonus, visually enlivening the overall design, modern more uniform ones lack this magic..
There are a mixture of both large and medium “shisha” mirrors, on both faces, believed to reflect and deflect the “Evil Eye.”
These larger pieces tend not to turn up in newer embroideries as “uniformity” is beginning to encroach, even here.
Generally in good condition, for its age, except a 1 cm section of orange embroidery on one fold and a few “shisha” mirrors are missing on both of the bag faces (on one two major ones, on the other three. Two others have a crack, but are still intact.)
It is usual for some to have been lost if the bag has genuine age and useage, although this piece is in too good a condition to have seen much use.
There is no “draw string” to close it, but the extended upper section has less mirrors and embroidery, allowing easier folding or tying.
Collected in Gujurat in 1991.

Age; Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 48.5 cm x W 30 cm. (L 19.5 ins x W 12 ins.)

Weight: 286 grams.