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Indian, Red Coral Ring.

Sorry this delightful coral ring is no longer available.

A worn silver and Red Coral ring, from India or Tibet..

This is one of the “special” old rings, that we seek and are occasionally able to source.

It’s “special” in that it is pretty worn, with the silver detail smoothed down.

The round Coral is a deep warm red, shallow dome or “cabachon” which has been a round bead in its previous use before ending up in this ring.

The mellow smoothing of the decorative details on the silver band, are what we appreciate most, these reflecting the age and previous history of this ring.

Worn enough to be visually at their best, but still sturdy enough to be wearable.

This ring is not terribly old, nor is it new, but has a mellow look to it that is genuine.

It’s difficult getting this balance of obvious age and wear, combined with durability, just right.

There’s a hint of Tibet or Ladakh in the detail, and if my memory is correct, we found it in Leh, in Ladakh, Northern India.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: “Q” (US 8)

Weight: 4 grams.