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Indian, Tall Brass Lassi Cup.

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This is a large sized, turned brass Indian Lassi Cup, collected in Pakistan, but probably dating back to well before Independence and Seperation in 1947, so Indian historically.

Basically a truncated cone of turned brass with residual “silver” from the tinning that was done to seperate and protect the drink from the brass.
Four convex engraved “grip” borders enclose two wider brass bands with scrolling arabesques of leaf and flower designs, at top and bottom.
These enclose a broad brass field against which a large Islamic evocation in “naskh” script in “tinned” silver stands amidst a swirling garden of silver flowering vines.

It has a lovely old dark brassy patina contrasting well with the relaxed worn surface of the tinned areas, worn thin with handling and in places almost transparent revealing the tone of the brass beneath.

The metals both have a nice rich patina of age and would lose a lot of age and character if polished.
So don’t polish it you’ll remove some of the tinning and reduce the brass surface to shiny new.
If you want that, buy a new one, please !

This cup is quite heavy and cold to touch and the laborious techniques involved in its manufacture are visible in the details.

We may still have a few similar pieces to see them just search for "lassi cup" on this site.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 140 mm x W 95 mm (top diameter.) x 63 mm (Base diameter.)

Weight: 610 grams.