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Indian, "Shiva" Silver Ring.

Sorry, this gem of a ring is no longer available.

Here’s an oldish round brass Shiva token, I’ve not seen the reverse to see if it’s a coin, so I’m saying Religious token. It might be a souvenir of a pilgrimage to a temple, tomb or shrine, I don’t know.
But what’s important is that it looks great, with a relaxed patina and some deeper toning to the details.

Set into a round sterling silver ring with a narrow reinforced band, see photo, it’s like a bridge with supports.

When I say "oldish," I mean we bought it in the late 1980’s in Dehli, it recently surfaced upstairs, in the upheaval after the hail storm flooded our studio, above the shop.

To fit a finger size “P” (US 7.5) although it is very suited to reduction using the black cotton technique.
(Just wind cotton around the narrowest part of the circle where it intersects with the flat top after 10 turns start doing a figure 8. That’s into the circle around and into the circle again till a cushion forms.
This cushion not only makes the circle (ring) smaller but grips the finger behind the knuckle, keeeping the ring in position.
Cut it off again in hot weather when your fingers swell.)

Age: 1980’s

Size: Diameter of disc, 27 mm, to fit a finger size “P” (US 7.5)

Weight: 7 grams.