AUD $950.00

Indian, Silver Nautch Girl.

And now for something a little diffferent, we bought on one of our trips to India in the late 1980’s, in Rajasthan I think.

A hollow, sensuously sculpted and embossed Silver figure of an Indian “nautch” or dancing girl.

Exhibiting fine chiselling and repousee work, shaping and forming the figure in seperate pieces, that were then assembled and soldered together, before having their final tiny embellishments added.

Sinuously pinning on one foot, one hand raised over her head, she turns to look at her opposing raised foot.
Flirtatiously flicking her fingers against the sole, she is adorned with a collection of silver jewellery decorated with tiny bunches of bells.
In groups of three around her waist, ears, elbows, chest and nipples, that would jingle accentuating her every move.
Anklets and forehead flowers peep from beneath her long swirling skirt and the floral head scarf which wraps revealingly down her back as she turns on her heel.

These “nautch” or secular dancing girls entertained in the Moghul Courts, spreading into lesser palaces under the Raj.
Their evolution now inevitably climaxes in uncountable Bollywood Movies.
(Usually in the most colourful and exciting scenes in the whole movie.)

The chased details and contrasts between raised bright silver and darker oxidized recesses, will respond well to the occassional careful polish with a dry Silver Polishing cloth.

Avoid liquids and creams. You may remove the deep patina that fills the grooves.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: H 280 mm x W 135 mm. Base Diameter 80 mm.

Weight: 390 grams.