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Indian, Tiny Embroidered Pouch.

A delightful little silk embroidered pouch from Sindh, in Southern Pakistan or possibly Gujarat, in Western India.

Made traditionally as an embroidered square which is then folded like an envelope and sewn up to make a pouch that can be rolled to tuck into your belt.  It is embroidered with what are now a subdued/faded pattern of geometric stars with dynamic "shisha" (mirrored) suns on a dull red cotton ground. The interior is a yellow very hand spun cotton.

These traditional pouches have an individuality that is homemade rather than Touristy or those made for export to shops in the West.

They were found in a market in Gujarat, probably in Bhuj, in about 1991.
You might consider one of these as a gift bag, if you are sending someone special a ring or smaller pair of earrings, as they have a lot of charm and weigh very little.

I think they (we have a few more little bags and some larger Pashtun pouches) are just gorgeous as themselves but as an accessory they would be happy to serve you.

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: L 160 mm (excluding string) x W 114 mm (including tassels)

Weight: 21 grams