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Indian, Turquoise Silver Ring

Sorry, this Turquoise ring is no longer available. 

An enticing oval Nepalese or Tibetan Turquoise with fine dark umber matrix accross one end and milky clouds enclosing deeper mid green at the other.

Surrounded with two bands of twisted silver filigree and a crown of small knobs on either side against a plain tapering band. This style and shape is very comfortable and still flattering on the finger.

No maintenence required, other than an occasional rub with a Silver Polishing Cloth, the stone itself doesn’t need any polishing.

Remember, though, that Turquoise does not like chemical cleaners or warm, soapy water as any of these can affect the colour, in this case by washing out the grease!


Age: Contemporary.

Size: Stone L 15 mm x W 12 mm, to fit a finger sized just under "S" (US9.25 )

Weight: 12 grams.

Weight: 11 grams