AUD $110.00

Islamic Glass and Silver Ring

A very sculptural silver ring  set with an old,his round Islamic Glass bead , which is a terra cotta and black.

The term "Islamic Glass" is more easily understood as "Islamic Period Glass" whereas "Roman Glass"  is "Roman Period Glass" and is not necessarily from Rome but from somewhere in the Empire more usually from Syria and the Middle East. The glass making tradition continued in these countries after the rise of Islam in the 7th Century, and from then it is known as "Islamic Glass" on through to the 15th Century.

This piece is from Afghanistan or Persia but we found it in Pakistan.

The asymmetric design of the ring is not a mistake, appearing to be an old traditional one (it reminds me of a tea cup)  Adding to it's sculpted feel the band has a triangular profile.

This ring will fit a finger size "P" (US 7.5) the conical bezel is raised, sitting the top of the bead 13 mm above the finger. 

When I look at the blown up photos I feel it could do with a bit of a shine, but on the finger it just looks old, if you decide to wake it up just gently use a dry "silver polishing cloth" to bring up the highlights.

Age: Circa 650 - 1200 AD

Size:  Diam of face 15 mm, glass diam 12 mm, finger size "P" (US 7.5)

Weight: 10 grams