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Islamic Period Brass Oil lamp.

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A small feline, old cast brass oil lamp from Islamic Period Persia.
With a single (small) finger handle topped with a short bar, as thumb rest. Topped with a a rounded tear drop (probably poppy pod) finial.
The size of the finger hole and handle are designed specifically for a smaller woman or childs’ hand. A larger hand can hold it but would find it cramped, Islamic design is usually so perfect that ti wouldn’t allow such discomfort.

It has a single small spout and finely incised designs, scrolling around the edge
of the oil reservoir and four animals or bird cartouches.

These latter are spaced evenly around the sides of the bowl between the spout and handle, and seperated by two small jutting “tres foils” knobs which act as grips when filling with slippery oil.

I think this piece, though made of brass, as is usual for Islamic Metalwork,
“looks like copper/bronze”, having a warm coppery, deep red patina, as though it has been exposed to fire.

However, underneath this surface is still “golden” brass, as a few worn spots reveal.

Whoever found this piece has rubbed into the overall dark “Pompeiian Red” patina, on the spiral border, one animal cartouche and a bit of the spout, possibly as investigative tests to see if there is any silver or gold inlay beneath.
This damage isn’t extensive, thankfully.
(perhaps an energetic Aladdin had a go at it ?)

In good overall condition, except these investigative rubs and the spout, which appears to have corroded very slightly, creating an indentation on the rim, not on the spout/lip, though.
The spout tends to be reinforced, to withstand the continued exposure to heat, I imagine.
The unreinforced neck tends very often to become eroded (every piece with this style spout, that I have handled, has had this same slight damage.)
Perhaps this heated section is frailer when exposed to 6 or 700 years of burial?

Age: Circa 12 th – 14 th century.

Size: L 135 mm x W 91 mm x H 135 mm

Weight: 333 grams