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Islamic Period Brass Oil lamp.

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A fine dark old, cast brass oil lamp from Islamic Period Persia.
With a three finger handle topped with an open tear drop, as thumb rest. Culminating in a faceted finial.

It has a single spout and very simple but elegant decoration of stepped/raised spiral on each side, culminating in a small nipple.
I love spirals and was thrilled at this sophisticated application, (I still am) the spiral defining two different levels, one embracing or enclosing the other.
The spiral itself reminds me of the ancient Chinese swirls and spirals, often inlaid in silver or gold into their bronzes.

On either side of the lamp, the raised nipple offers extra grip, for when filling and slippery. (Perhaps nipple is deceptive, it’s more like the knob of an eroded spiral of a mollusc shell. See the last photo.)

In perfect condition, except perhaps, the spout which seems slightly skewed but this could only have happened during it’s original casting.
This piece, though made of brass, as is usual for Islamic Metalwork, has an incredibly deep Burnt Umber patina, resembling old Bronze.
This very rich patina alternates with a dull/matte very slight encrustation.

The surface is perfect with no recent scratches or damage.

Age: Circa 12 th – 14 th century.

Size: L 198 mm x W 105 mm x H 200 mm

Weight: 599 grams