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Islamic Period Glass Necklace.

Sorry, this wonderful necklace is no longer available. 

Although these look like Antique “Venetian Glass” Beads, they are older, classified as “Islamic Period” dating back to around 800 AD up to the 15 th Century. Before that you’re talking about “Roman Glass” although Rome itself had fallen long ago, and beads continued to be made in what was left of the Empire.

These worn and weathered beads have been retrieved in Afghanistan, Persia, Pakistan and surrounding areas. Made somewhere in the Great Islamic Empire that spanned the Middle East through the Crusades and up to Genghis Khan and the Mongols.

Once again glass beads can fall and roll, forgotten, lost and buried. Finally rediscovered centuries later they can be rethreaded and worn again, when whole mud brick cities and previous owners are only a memory.

All show their age, most have pitting from long years of of burial, some are very heavily eroded, with some colours missing leaving only a groove or depression to mark their passing.

The hook is 22 ct. Gold from India, the old, engraved Gold beads are 22 ct. over reinforcing resin, from Pakistan.
For security I’ve used double Tiger Tail to thread them, but remember not to scrunch it as it retains kinks if bent out of shape.

Of course you wouldn’t treat beads as old as these badly, would you.

I really do enjoy working with these old beads, all of them are interesting, both historically and visually.
Many are subtle, subdued almost innocent, but some individuals stand out, just brimming with character.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we have, they are well worth a slow, meditative appreciation.
(I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a hint of Viking lurking in these too, probably the same sources.)

Age:  Islamic Period, circa 800 AD. to 15th century.

Length;  including catch: 490 mm.

Weight: 41 grams.