AUD $180.00

Islamic Period, Glazed Ceramic Bird.

A well sculpted ceramic bird, possibly a duck or waterbird swimming, as it sits flat on its bottom.

Dating to The Islamic Period in Greater Persia, around the 12th - 14 th Centuries. (And very similar in period, glaze and clay to the Glazed Oil Lamp we have on site.)

Simply done with well defined feathers on its wings, the head though offers room for some conjecture.

It may be a repair, but three areas appear to have been covered and smoothed back, two in effect creating small horns or ears,

These match a larger one that looks like a beak (from some angles it somewhat resembles a sheep or even a llama) it's hard to tell but if the original were visible it could easily prove to be a ducks' bill (?)

The surface is generally slightly pitted from burial with areas and traces of pearlescent very pale whitish turquoise. (This glaze may have become pearlescent through long burial rather than intention.)

There are patches of wear and irregularities in the glazed surface, otherwise it appears to be in quite good condition, considering its age and history.

In the base a 6 mm hole may be for attaching it to something or for even firing.

Age: 12th - 14th Century AD.

Size: L 73 mm x W 12 mm x H 48 mm

Weight: 59 grams.