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Islamic Persian, Glazed Bowl.

This old Islamic glazed eating or drinking bowl is most likely from Persia, dates back to around the 12th to 14th Century AD. (It's the size of a largish "rice bowl" but also a good size for drinking, though wide and shallow. We'd use it to serve nibblies.)

Basically the design is built up with broad bands. In the centre in black underglaze, is a lobed cross (with olive highlights) in a double circle, this surrounded in a band of red oxide writing, either very stylised or just implied. The next band in black has rectangular divisions each filled with an "S" motif.  Small dots of olive glaze are evenly spaced around the flat rim. (there is a small chip under the rim,that's only just visible from the front. (see 2nd image) And two tiny ones on the actual lip, that appear very old and have to be searched for.)

The unseen outer surface has a creamish outer circle with dark diagonal stripes, enclosing a broad olivish "celadon" glaze surrounding an unglazed base.

This bowl has had a lot of use, as the underglazed designs are very worn. (These residual black details giving the appearance of grime left after a fire.) However it seems a lot of friction has removed the clear glaze that originally protected the more vulnerable underglaze work. These in turn have worn away.

I may be wrong in this interpretaion as there are, moments in certain lights where the worn "design" actually turns irridescent, so the glaze may have been chemically affected through long burial. At just the right angle it looks like Roman Glass, see if it is visible in the last image.

It's certainly showing its age and very long useage, but otherwise it's in good condition with no repairs or breaks. There is a little encrustation in places


Age: Circa 12th - 14th Century AD.

Size: Diam 147 mm x H 48 mm

Weight: 237 grams.