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Javanese, Large Millefiori Bead

Sorry, this wonderful bead is no longer available.

This is a solid large opaque glass "millefiori" bead from Java, where they are skillfully reproducing collectable glass beads from all over history, has a wonderful patterning and colour not at all unlike a classic Klimt painting. 

I've met the guys responsible for these beads and they take great pride in the quality of their copies, which they see as challenges to over come in their quest to understand and produce faithfull copies. The pride and joy exhibited whilst flicking through the large, glossy History of Beads coffee table books, pointing out examples"We've mad these and these, and these..."

The surface is a pitted matte somewhere towards a very old Venetian "millefiori" Trade Bead, but a lot bigger.

I personally find this bead quite stunning, both in size and pattern and in two minds about selling it.

It's very large and would make an astounding centrepiece in a major necklace or even worn on its own on a cord or leather.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 450 mm x Diam 450 mm, hole 10 mm

Weight: 138 grams.