AUD $120.00

Karen, Silver Fish Bead.

This is a large, hollow, double sided sterling silver (unstamped) bead in the form of a fish, probably a Gourami
(Gouramis are a large family, relatives of Siamese Fighting Fish Betta splendens some grow to over a metre, a protein source and native to the region.)

It’s not terribly heavy, but would require double tiger tail and practice to use well.
I usually use a small (3 mm) pivot bead in the hole to take the stress off the wire.)

A hole at either end allows threading, with practice and patience, to use as a centre piece with chunky beads, they are great in chokers. (see CN105, if it’s still available.)

Careful polishing with a dry Silver Polishing cloth will keep up the shine whilst retaining the finer details.

We have a few more in our bead stock for making up for our shopfloor, so if you want more let us know. (see also KB118, if it’s still available.)

Made by hand in western Thailand by Karen refugees from Burma (Myanmar) from high grade silver.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: L 95 mm x H 42 mm x D 13 mm. (Holes mouth 2 mm, tail 2 mm.)

Weight: 33 grams