AUD $650.00

Kashmiri, Papier mache Penbox.

Another finely painted, lacquered piece, a small Penbox, for storing Calligraphic or Miniature painting implements.
This one from Kashmir has a less contrived design than the _"qajar"_Persian arabesque ones (see PB123), the Kashmiri ones filling the field with flowers, are generally more innocent, even casual.

This little wooden and papier mache box is quite elegantly proportioned but shorter than is usual.
The eight vertical sides, each have a ridge at base just above the eight ornate little legs that grace the corners.
The top is convex, domed lengthwise and the ends are organically slightly curved, too.

The exterior surfaces are richly covered in a black ground almost covered in highly detailed, convoluted arabesques of interwoven foliage patterns.
These are all picked out in very fine gold ink linework garnished with a warm “ivory” blossoms and flourishes.

The overall effect is one of “Japanned” Lacquer and fine Gilt.

As the colour itself is probably not water proof, I would avoid exposure to damp.
If it didn’t affect the colour it would certainly damage the papier mache, which soaks up moisture and unfortunately expands, damaging and lifting the paintwork.

The interior is an all over soft Ultramarine blue.

In good condition, except for some tiny scuffs on the bottom of the legs, where they have been worn on a table.
And there is also a 60 mm worn scrape on an edge on the lid, this at first didn’t catch my eye as it has been blackened over, I think with a black felt tip pen.
The end of this scrape removed the paint work on the corner down through the black and the white gesso to the base beneath (less than 1 cm in total, and you could easily use the black felt tip yourself, I haven’t. Or Indian Ink, would fix this, if felt tip didn’t take on the gesso!)

Age: Early/Mid 20 th Century.

Size: L 178 mm X W 80 mm x H 67 mm.

Weight: 185 grams.